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Driving lessons in Herne Bay

Learning to drive in Herne Bay


The driving test centres for this area are located in Herne Bay and Canterbury.


Move On Up cover a wide range of areas around Herne Bay and I will provide you with lessons tailored to your needs, and will take you to the places where you will be driving after you pass your driving test. I will teach you the basics of driving in a safe and comfortable area, and then take you out on the roads to practice in the environments where you will be driving after you pass. I won't teach test routes 'parrot fashion' that does not help you after you pass. I will teach you to read the road, look for hazards and plan ahead so you can drive in any area, test route or not.

Our lessons can also be tailored to any specific areas that you would like to focus on. Ask yourself what you will do when you pass? I will get you to the stage where we will agree you can face almost anything before you go for the test.

Image by Claire Smith

You get a driving licence and I get another pupil passed!

And our local area gets another safe confident driver on the road! 

Fantastic instructor, very patient and friendly.
My son enjoyed his lessons and passed his test with confidence.

Sam - Herne Bay
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