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Your first driving lesson

How to Prepare for your First Driving Lesson?

Firstly - Don't Panic!

Whether you are planning to have driving lessons in Herne Bay, Canterbury or Whitstable this page will help you prepare for your first driving lesson.

First, click the button on the driving license picture, it will take you to the DVLA page that allows you to see your license details and create a code to share the information on it. Send me the code as soon as you get it and I can then check you are allowed to start to learn to drive. Its the same license check a new employer or car hire company would do.

​For your first driving lesson, it is important to bring your provisional driving license with you. I will ask you for this document and will need to see it before I am legally allowed to give you any driving lessons.​

Wearing comfortable, flat-soled shoes are advised to take any driving lesson. These will become your driving shoes. It is also important to make sure you have dressed comfortably for your driving lessons.

No flip flops! Even if your driving lessons are in Herne Bay!


Visual Safety

Remember your Glasses or contact lenses.


We have to ensure that your eyesight is in line with minimum DVSA eyesight standards and will ask you to read a nearby vehicle registration plate before the driving lesson can go any further.


This means being able to read a vehicle number plate in clear daylight (with your corrective lenses if you wear them) from 20.5 meters away. (You will also be asked to do this on your driving test). 


Most opticians can help with this if you have an eye test booked. 

What will happen on your first driving lesson?


I will take you to a quiet area to help introduce you to the controls of the car and show you why, when and how to use them.​

The car is fitted with dual controls which means that I have a set of pedals on my side of the car, a brake and clutch (no accelerator, I never want it to go faster!) I will only use these if absolutely necessary, to get you out of a sticky situation.


Generally, I find the best way to learn is to do it yourself, not having an instructor do it for you.​


You will not be expected to do anything you can’t handle, I aim to keep you in or only just outside your comfort zone. Too much pressure doesn't help you learn.

Image by Ryotando
Driving an Electric Car

Why Drive with us?

Other driving instructors may push you out of your comfort zone too soon and you will end up not looking forward to your lessons. I'm not going to do that. I layer up a new skill or two each lesson and before you know it you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about. 

Learning to drive is a joint venture with us both going on a journey (pardon the pun) to help you become a confident driver.

The first driving lesson gives you a chance to get to know me too and if you decide we won’t work as a team or you don’t like the car, no problem. The car you will be learning in is the car you’ll be taking your driving test in so it’s important that you feel comfortable.

Don’t worry if driving doesn’t feel completely comfortable to start with, you will grow in confidence over the following lessons.

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